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Return of Chillout E.P.

by Psychadelik Pedestrian

tou274 : Chillout :

Return of Chillout E.P.

Tags: atmospheric chilled house lullaby

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Psychadelik Pedestrian presents three downtempo tracks in this E.P. from Toucan Music. Druids March is an uplifting, atmospheric track which builds up towards an anthemic piano section, featuring a downtempo rhythm and plenty of reverberation. Coral Reef is a relaxed, thoughtful piece with a melancholy feel, featuring warm synth pads and slow, tribal rhythms. The final track, Lullaby, combines children's music box sounds and pianos with a downtempo beat, sub bass and slightly sinister sound effects.

Download Druids March - original mix  Chillout  [ 87bpm 4:47 ]
Download Coral Reef - original mix  Ambient / Chillout  [ 84bpm 5:03 ]
Download Lullaby - original mix  Chillout  [ 72bpm 5:37 ]

About the artist: Psychadelik Pedestrian

Psychadelik PedestrianReal name: John
Music style: Electronica, breakbeat and chillout
First Toucan track: Jungle Warfare (1994)
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Creative Commons Licence  Commercial licence
Return of Chillout E.P. by Psychadelik Pedestrian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at

A licence for commercial use of this release is available here from Jamendo.

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